05 April, 2011

Newport 16 For Sale

I have been so involved with Watertribe that last year I did not use my Newport 16, Lucky Dog at all. With a sailboat, Hobie Tandem Island and three other kayaks I am getting boat top heavy. My wife seldom goes out with me now and she prefers short day trips. I am thinking of getting a Hobie Adventure Island for the next Watertribe event. So, it saddens me, but the reality is that something has to go.

The boat has a lot of improvements from the stock Newport 16. The engine is a couple of years old with low running hours. I will post more details as I get the time.

So if you are looking for a nice microcruiser, small enough to tow with a small car (1100 lb tow weight) then drop me a line...


  1. My name is Sonny Im restoring a Newport 16 and I was wanting to know if you could send me a picture of what connects the boom and mast I think its called the tack from what the manual shows. I'd truly apreciate the help.

    my email address in robysonny@bellsouth.net


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