23 July, 2010

Kayak Sailing Video

I have finished my latest Kayak Video and posted it to You-Tube.

I was hoping to cross the entire mouth of the Chesapeake and back. After braking the rudder I decided that it would be prudent to turn around.

I built a new rudder head that has double pintle/gudgeon support instead of one and added a pocket for the rudder blade for additional blade support. I will try to test this weekend but the weather is suppose to be ~100Deg F...

13 July, 2010

Watertribe Kayak Update

For the past few weeks I have spent most of my time tweaking the kayak and spending time on the water, trying to put as many miles under the keel as possible. The basic design is finished. I modified the outrigger float from digging into the waves by lifting the ends.

The first sail reef works well and is easy to work. I have used it several times already. To meet the Watertribe rules I need to install another reef at the next batten.
There are about ten weeks left until the North Carolina Challenge race. I went out this weekend into some rough waves and took some video. I will post it as soon as I edit it…