27 February, 2011

Ready for the Everglades Challenge

I have spent the weekend changing the oil on my car and doing all the necessary maintenance. The GPS is programmed and it looks like it will be a 14 hour driving time to get to Fort DeSoto. I will leave sometime Thursday, grab a few hour nap on the road and arrive early Friday morning.

You can follow the race on the Watertribe map. Apple and Google Browsers have a problem pulling down the map link if you try to access it from the main Watertribe Home Page. The default view shows only the last waypoint for all the racers. To see the full track select "Show Track and All Waypoints". You have to push "Regenerate View" to re-draw the map. To only see my progress select my Tribe Name "DogsLife".

I am disappointed in the Weather Predictions for the week. It will be warm and the winds will be light and on the nose. No high speed sailing for me. Based on past races, I have brought a lot of gear for cold weather.

Wish me luck. I hope to take some good video...

07 February, 2011

February Everglades Challenge Practice Run

Yesterday I did 28 nm in the Chesapeake Bay. There were very lite winds and I spent a lot of time fighting the current. A lot of close haul sailing accross the bay. From the above zig-zag on the picture you can get a good idea how well the Hobie TI points. The wind died as I finally reached the second crossing of the Chaesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. The run along the tunnel road was long. In the afternoon the wind veered to NE and the temperature dropped 10 degrees.

As usual I shot some video. It takes time to produce these videos. I will update as soon as it is on You-Tube...

02 February, 2011

Hobie Tandem Island training for the 2011 Watertribe Challenge

This weekend I took my Hobie Tandem Island out on to the Chesapeake for some more practice for the Watertribe EC. There are only 31 days left before the race. For a January sail, it was very nice. The surface of the Chesapeake was like glass. Bellow is my latest video...

And, these are my other January practice videos...