22 August, 2010

More Kayak Sailing Videos

It has been raining all morning. Not a fun day to go out and train. I agree that I should be out there in all sort of conditions but after moving my daughter into her collage room yesterday I need a day to recharge my batteries.

I have posted two more sailing videos on you tube. I am finding out that it is much easier to take video than it is to produce one.

The first is from another Chesapeake Bay excursion for my continued Watertribe testing. I am getting to a point of almost no breakdowns. Now to gather all the required equipment and pack it all into the boat.

The second video is from a little expedition trip with my son to the Easter Shore of Virginia. The ocean side has numerous barrier islands. Most are owned by the Nature Conservancy and have very limited day access. I know of only one that allows remote camping, Mockhorn Island. Located at the southern end of the peninsula. I have been thinking about a overnight Kayak trip, leaving Lynnhaven, cross the mouth of the Chesapeake and though Fisherman's Island Channel up to Mockhorn. Camp on the island and return the next day...

This video was shot in HD. Blogger limits the size of your display. I had to play around with it to get it to fit. The video does show some new angles of the boat that I was unable to capture before. It is also enjoyable to pass on to my son some of my sailing experiences.

Labor day weekend I will travel to Cedar Island, North Carolina to familiarize my self with the Watertribe North Carolina Challenge race course.

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