10 December, 2009

Main Locker Bulkheads

The two main watertight bulkheads that divide the aft lockers from the main cabin were placed a few inches aft of the keel winch board bolts. I did this for two reasons. The lockers hatches are prone to damage. In case one flooded I wanted a small volume. Working on the locker from the top is also difficult. On the cabin side the extra area behind the berth makes for a large, dry storage. A small 4” clear screw in deck plate directly under the winch board allows in light and ventilation. The board bolts and hardware on the cockpit coaming are all accessible from the cabin.
To reduce gear noise I use Wal-Mart Camping Pad Foam in the storage area and bulkhead. This is a great product that can be put on with contact cement. And it looks good too.
When I filled the aft cockpit coaming with foam I inserted a light plastic pipe through the center. With a clip on the other end I have a great 7’ fishing pole storage on each side. The pipe is large enough to fit the pole tip with lures attached. No fishing hooks to snag on.

The bulkheads were built using my polystyrene sheets with glass cloth sandwich. The shape was cut from a cardboard template. The bulkheads were set in place and small gaps filled with foam spray. Then a large lightweight epoxy fillet was applied around the edges and covered by 3” glass tape to spread the load on the hull. This bulkhead reinforces the hull, seat and keel winch support.

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